No warranty or refunds are given on second hand parts sold online! All second hand parts are sold “as is”. Rod only sells parts that he himself would use. If you need extra photos / details of an item/’s please contact Rodney before purchasing.


30 days warranty on all parts fitted by Rod.


Unless otherwise stated in an ad, pictures used in the adverts are generic examples only. Actual item/s received may or may not vary cosmetically. All items conform to condition information displayed in the advert/s. If in doubt contact Rod before purchase for a photo of the item/’s to be sent.

PAYMENT METHODS (in preferred order)

  • Cash on pick-up (no Paypal fees for Rod and you get to inspect the item/s)
  • Direct bank deposit.
  • Paypal Checkout (they also handle VISA cards etc)


This shop is currently GST exempt. Zero (0%) GST is charged on any items sold.


Postage with insurance and tracking is INCLUDED in each items price. Rod only sells and posts within Australia. Nothing leaves until full payment/’s are received.

  • Australia Post ‘Parcel Post’ with online tracking and insurance¬† is used. Buyers are emailed the tracking number.
  • If Australia Post fails to deliver (tracking info shows) an item/s, replacement/s will be sent. If no replacement stock is available then the buyer will be issued a store credit or full refund.
  • If Australia Post delivers item/s damaged; or is stolen, the onus is on the receiver to collect sufficient evidence so that Rod can take the issue up with ‘Australia Post’.


Item bundling is done manually due to odd sizes and weights. 1. log-in register 2. add two or more items to your shopping cart. 3. from the contact us page type; ‘bundle items’ 4. your cart total price will be manually re-calculated down 5. you’ll be sent an email update.

LOCAL PICK-UP (cashless payments)

1. log-in register 2. add two or more items to your shopping cart. 3. from the contact us page send ‘local pick-up’ 4. shipping costs will be removed 5. you’ll be sent an email when your order is ready.

By using this service, you accept all of the aforesaid terms and conditions.